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Imara® – the big impatiens breakthrough has arrived


We are proud to announce that we are the first to market with Imara®, a new Impatiens walleriana that is stronger and more resilient to downy mildew than ever before.

A popular plant with consumers, Imara® are guaranteed to flourish in gardens until the first frost, performing well in sun and shade, come rain or shine.

Michael Kester, Global Head of Syngenta Flowers, says, “We do innovation, so developing a new generation of Impatiens walleriana has been important to us. We are very excited to be first to market with this breakthrough and know Imara® will translate into strong, sustainable consumer demand to benefit retailers and growers.”

Since the downy mildew outbreak in 2011, our team has evaluated over 5,000 seedlings to find genetics that would not succumb to the disease. Imara® were tested in greenhouse and field trials for plant habit, flowering time, flower quality and uniformity. Their performance was confirmed by trials at our Jealott’s Hill Research Centre and independent trials at Stockbridge Technology Centre in 2017 in the UK.

In the time lapse video that can be viewed here, you will see how Imara® out-performed other varieties and lasted throughout the summer.

Imara® offers growers reliable, low-maintenance and economical production. They are robust and durable, holding up well during transport so plants move from greenhouse to garden centre in top shape.

Growers have reported positive experiences with Imara® so far. Guy Clapham, Sales Manager at Coletta & Tyson Ltd in the UK, says, “Our initial trials of Imara® certainly showed disease resistance greater than previous [Impatiens walleriana] we have grown. We have been particularly impressed with the growing habit of Imara® and have found it to be very vigorous and flower plentiful.” Imara® also creates benefits for retailers who will be able to offer a product that is flowering on the shelf, which will attract more consumers, create more value, and increase demand.

Imara® are being exclusively carried by B&Q in the UK for 2018 and branded as the new Busy Lizzie. In the first week after launch, B&Q garden centres sold nearly one million plants.

The series is currently available in white, red, rose, violet, orange, orange star and a mix. We are continuing to invest in Imara® and adding even more colours to meet your needs and the demands of consumers.

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