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Get inspired and breeze through our new assortment


Syngenta FloriPro Services now offers a huge selection of perennial grasses in an array of architectural forms and colours. We have four categories suited to every requirement.

For containers and landscapes
There are small grasses such as the tidy and well-formed Festuca cinerea (glauca), best suited to add foliage interest in mixed containers or for mass cultivation. There are medium types, ideal as interest in landscape applications, like the fresh lime green leaves of Pennisetum glaucum Jade Princess.

Award-winning Purple Majesty
We offer intermediate types which among them have unique applications for extra dry or wet conditions such as the Phragmites australis (common reed). Finally there are large grasses for features in landscape plantings, such as the stunning and award-winning Pennisetum glaucum Purple Majesty with its striking dark purple foliage.

So Versatile and Fashionable!
This ever-popular group of plants has a huge range of applications. With the naturalistic style of planting increasingly becoming more popular and en vogue, we are positive that adding some of these specially selected varieties to your assortment will bring a new lease of life to both your product range and your customers' satisfaction - and all so fashionable!

Come and Visit
Come and see our selection at the FlowerTrials in Holland week 24 or in our online catalogue