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Imara®. Strong and resilient.

A new generation of impatiens walleriana, Imara® is stronger and more resistant to downy mildew than ever before. With outstanding garden performance, Imara® will survive in the garden until first frost.

Behind the Breakthrough

Guy Clapham

“Our initial trials of the Imara® Bizzie Lizzie certainly showed disease resistance greater than other previous Bizzie Lizzies we have grown. We have been particularly impressed with the growing habit of Imara® and have found it to be very vigorous and flower plentiful. We are extremely excited to be able to grow Bizzie Lizzies again and we are sure customers will be very happy to have them in their gardens.”

The gardener’s favourite is back!

Imara® is bringing back one of the most popular plants with consumers. Sun or shade, rain or shine, it is guaranteed to flourish in home gardens. This reliability and proven garden performance make Imara® a top choice for consumers.

Rain and shine
Nick Taylor

“When we first heard the Bizzie Lizzie was making a return we were very excited, but we also had concerns. However, we are very pleased to report that our initial experience with Imara® has been extremely positive. The vigour, branching and general growing characteristics have been very good. They have also stood up well to the challenge of being grown very early in the season. Early indications point to Imara® quite possibly being the best Bizzie Lizzie we have ever seen.”





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