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How to order

Delight the end consumer with beautiful flowers


To place an order or make an enquiry, you can contact your local Area Manager or call our Customer Service Team on 0845 602 6173 or email.


Please use our delivery and product form to place your order. You can either download the digital version and add your requirements in Excel, or choose the printable version and print off the delivery and product form, fill in your requirements and submit it to our Customer Service.

Download the Electronic Delivery and Product form:

Download the Printable Delivery and Product form:

 Alternatively, if you are looking for products that we have available to deliver during the next four weeks, then you can view our availability online by visiting our surplus stock website at and place your order directly.

When visiting our surplus stock website for the first time you will need to register with us online. Registration is quick and easy; to log in to the site simply fill in your details and a password will be sent to shortly afterwards

After you have registered you can:

  • View which products we have available for the forthcoming weeks
  • Order directly
  • Access special offers and promotions
  • View photographs of our products 

You can also receive our weekly surplus stock availability list directly to your Inbox, simply send your email address to [email protected] and we will add you to our database.