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Syngenta's De Lier site's accreditation marks GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP 'full house'


Syngenta FloriPro Services has announced its young plant operation at De Lier in the Netherlands has been accredited with Good Agricultural Practice (GLOBALG.A.P.) status and has passed its Risk Assessment of Social Practice (GRASP) audit.

Science-based and neutral in its authority (not-for-profit) GLOBALG.A.P. with GRASP is a world- leading accreditation system for the flower industry, developed by retail, consumer and industry partners, and validated by external, independent bodies.

The related GRASP standards provide further assurances that labor and social aspects of Syngenta's operations worldwide are fair and consistent. Standards cover employee representation, legal rights, working times, children's rights, written records and additional benefits.

The success means all its internal flower production sites in Europe, Africa and the Middle East are now GLOBALG.A.P.-certified, assuring Syngenta's customers it meets the most stringent professional and sustainability standards for the production of flowers. This industry-leading commitment ensures the growers Syngenta supplies and the retailers those growers supply now have a major benefit which sets them apart from others in the industry. This benefit of sustainably produced plants carries through to the end-user.

Louis Kleynhans, Head of FloriPro Services said:

"We are proud to have achieved this accreditation, and are delighted its benefits will be valued throughout the chain. It has taken a great effort, but we are sure our customers will know it is a truly positive step forward, and one from which they will benefit. The accreditation guarantees the quality of our plants produced at Syngenta sites, the security of our staff and the safeguarding of the environment".

All plants produced at Syngenta sites carry GLOBALG.A.P. certification, reflecting the company's long-term commitment to and investment in responsible stewardship. As sustainability becomes increasingly important there are more than 1,000 business-to-business and business-to-consumer eco-labels, and with such a large range Syngenta has chosen GLOBALG.A.P because it has the highest standards.

As European retailers and environmental NGOs drive for increased certified production, growers need to prove their own production methods are sustainable to remain competitive in their market. In doing so, they build credibility and goodwill with consumers seeking sustainably produced products.

GLOBAL G.A.P. offers continuous support to growers to improve production quality, including regular audits and follow-ups, and integrates industry and retailer perspectives.

For further information, growers are invited to speak to their Syngenta FloriPro Services representative or log on at